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Instructor: Davis's Nursing Skills Videos
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Davis's Nursing Skills Videos are available at (for both students and instructors)


To View the Davis's Nursing Skills Videos, select View Resources from your My Products page


screenshot from My Products page with a red box and arrow highlighting the "Resources" button next to a Davis's Nursing Skills Videos title


To view the Videos themselves,


1. Select Resources

2. Select Instructor

3. Select "Davis's Nursing Skills Videos" to display the list





1. Select the Content Area you would like to view

2. Select the Video from within the Content Area



3. The Video Player will open in a new window.



There are Thinking about the Procedures Questions below the Videos that can be used as assignments for your students.


1. Select Thinking about the Procedures Questions and Suggested Responses for either the Treas Basic Nursing, 2nd Edition text or the Wilkinson Fundamentals of Nursing, 4th Edition text

2. Select the Chapter Title

3. The file will download automatically 




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