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Student: Review Tips: Davis Edge
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Davis Edge Access Feedback Report (Student) from F.A. Davis on Vimeo.




The Feedback Report displays your areas of strength and weakness and enables you to create practice quizzes based on your areas of need. The Feedback Report will also list the Success Level you achieved for each topic area.

Access Feedback Report

To access the Feedback Report, click the yellow Feedback Report button located on the Success Center page.

Create a Quiz Based on Areas of Weakness

From the Feedback Report, you can create a practice quiz based on (1) areas of weakness, or (2) specific topics.



You can access a Study Guide that is built from all of the questions you’ve answered correctly.
Click on Review Mode.


Choose the filter parameter you’d like to use, such as Course Topic, Concept or Question Type.


Select one, several or all options.


Click Review to reveal Question Details based upon the parameters you selected.

You can also Bookmark a question for future review or Add Notes to a question.

TIPS FOR SUCCESS / Select Titles

You can review Tips for Success by clicking the Tips for Success link in the Success Center. Then, click on your area of interest and review how you can improve your test-taking skills.



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