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Student: Access Assignments: Davis Advantage
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To view your assignments for a class in Davis Advantage, click View on the line next to your class. 


Screenshot of Davis Advantage student dashboard with a red box highlighting the View button that student can use to View the class


The Dashboard view displays your current and upcoming Assignments, as well as your average assessment score (1), the average time spent on assignments (2), the number of assignments you have completed (3), and a summary of your performance (4). From the Dashboard, you can also create practice quizzes (5) and view your Personalized Learning Plan (PLP) (6).


Screenshot of student dashboard in Davis Advantage cropped to show Personalized Learning at a Glance section, with boxes and numbers calling attention to Average Assessment Score (1), Time Spent (2), Participation (3), Performance Summary (4), and buttons to Create Practice Quiz (5) and View PLP (6)


Assignments will be listed at the top of your dashboard by their due dates and times. If your instructor has assigned a due date, you can still complete and submit your work after the due date has passed. However, it will be marked as late to your instructor. 


To view all assignments, click View All.



Screenshot of Advantage assignments under What's Next for students with a red box drawing attention to the View All button


There are two buttons at the top of the assignment list that you can toggle between. The Active button shows upcoming assignments that haven't yet been completed. The All button shows all assignments, including previously completed ones (1). 


Click Start (2) to begin an assignment. 


Assignments page in Davis Advantage with red boxes with numbers highlighting 1. Active and All buttons the students can choose between for which assignments to display and 2. Start button that opens the assignment on that line








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