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Student: Gradebook: Davis Advantage
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To access your Gradebook from the Davis Advantage dashboard, click Gradebook in the top navigation menu.


Screenshot of student dashboard in Davis Advantage with a box and arrow calling attention to the Gradebook button in the top navigation menu that can be clicked to access student Gradebook


At the top of the Gradebook page, you'll see the grading rules that your instructor has set for the class. An example of grading rules (1) is below, but be sure to read the rules for your class as they could be different. 


If your assignment shows up in red, it is an indication that you turned it in after the due date had passed (2). 


Screenshot of student gradebook in Davis Advantage with boxes and numbers highlighting grading rules (1) that the instructor has set for the class and a note about any assignments showing up in red have been turned in past the due date (2)


Scrolling down in Gradebook, you will see a list of the assignments you have completed, the due date for those assignments, the date you completed them and your grade for each assignment. 


Screenshot of student gradebook in Davis Advantage that shows assignment list, due date, date completed and the grade. The grade column is in a box to draw attention to it.



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