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Student: Complete Assignments: Kinesiology In Action
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Student: Complete Assignments: Kinesiology in Action from F.A. Davis on Vimeo.


Access Exercises

To access an Exercise, reveal the full contents of a module by clicking "Details" then click an Exercise link to begin working. Don’t forget to review the due date for each Exercise. Work submitted after the due date will not be recorded in your instructor’s Gradebook, unless they opt to accept late submissions.


Screenshot of Kinesiology In Action assignment module with box and arrow that highlights the due date for a Pre-Assessment exercise


After completing each Exercise, check the Exercise Status and Grade fields to confirm that your work has been submitted.


Screenshot of Kinesiology In Action assignment module with boxes and arrows that highlight (1) an exercise marked as completed (2) a different exercise marked as "Not Started" (3) a third exercise marked as "In Progress"


Exercise Types

Assignment modules contain four types of Exercises: Pre-Assessment, Pre Lab, Lab, and Post-Assessment.



Each Pre-Assessment contains 10 multiple-choice questions. Pre-assessments are intended to be completed prior to other module exercises, to give you a baseline of your understanding of the module's topic. While working through a Pre-Assessment or any other Kinesiology In Action exercises, you'll have the option to click "Quick Jump to Activities" to open a directory of all exercises within the module you're currently working in. 


Screenshot of Kinesiology In Action Pre-Assessment question with a box and arrow that highlights "Quick Jump to Activities" directory in the top-right above the displayed Pre-Assessment question

At the end of an exercise, if your instructor has chosen the "Practice and then Grade" grading rule, you'll have the chance to "Review" what your results would have been before retrying the exercise. If you are confident with your attempt on an exercise when presented with the option to "Review" or "Submit," click "Submit" to submit that attempt to be graded.


Screenshot of Kinesiology In Action "Review" popup which shows at the completion of an exercise. Boxes and arrows highlight (1) the denotation that the assignment is set with the "Practice and then Grade" grading rule (2) respective buttons to "Review" or "Submit" the exercise attempt that culminated in this exercise completion popup


Pre Lab

The Pre Lab section of a module includes exercises that will ask you to identify parts of the body, and will consist of Coloring, Labeling, Matching, and Muscle Identification exercises.


Screenshot of Kinesiology In Action assignment module showing the different exercise types that can be found in the "Pre Lab" section of a module


In each Pre Lab exercise, you'll be given an interactable image which you'll label according to the exercise's instructions. For example, you might be instructed to "identify the following bony landmarks" by dragging-and-dropping terms to their correct places.


Screenshot of Kinesiology In Action labeling exercise in-progress



Lab exercise will begin with a video, which you'll watch as many times as you need to before moving onto questions which pertain to the video.


Screenshot with example of video page that precedes a Kinesiology In Action Lab exercises



A module's exercises will culminate with a Post-Assessment, which (like the Pre-Assessments) will consist of 10 multiple-choice questions.


Screenshot of instructions for a Kinesiology In Action Post-Assessment exercise, which specifies students should read the associated chapter text before completing Post-Assessments and all Post-Assessment questions are multiple choice with only one correct answer option

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