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Student: Access Assignments: Dosage Calc 360
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To begin working in Dosage Calc 360°, select the "View" button next to the class.


Screenshot of student Dosage Calc 360 Classes page, highlighting "View" button for an active class.


If you are not using DC 360 as part of a class, you can access the material by clicking “Independent Study” upon login.


Screenshot of Dosage Calc 360 "Join A Class" popup, highlighting the "Independent Study" button.


The Dashboard displays your current and upcoming assignments, as well as information on your overall performance. 


Screenshot of student Dosage Calc 360 Dashboard.


Access Assignments

On your Dashboard for a class, the “What’s Next?” panel will display up to three assignments at a time, based on due date. To begin working on an assignment, select the “Start” button. To resume where you left off on an assignment, select a "Continue" button. To see a full list of your assignments, select the “View All” button.


Screenshot of "What's Next?" panel on student Dosage Calc 360 Dashboard, highlighting "View All" button to view all assignments, and "Continue" and "Start" buttons to work on individual assignments.


Selecting the "View All" button in your What's Next? panel or clicking the "ASSIGNMENT" tab in your top navigation bar, will bring you to your Assignments page. Alongside a full list of the assignments your instructor has chosen for you, your Assignments page helps you to track due dates and assignment completion.


Screenshot of student Dosage Calc 360 "Assignments" page.


Previous Assignments

The Assignments page will default to displaying All assignments, including completed, past-due, or upcoming assignments. Note that any work submitted after a due date will be marked Late in your Gradebook (see section on Late Work). 


To display your Active assignments, those being any open assignments that aren't past due, select the "Active" display option at the top-left of your assignments list.


Screenshot highlighting Display options on student Dosage Calc 360 "Assignments" page.


View Topic Details

Clicking “Details” on an assignment will drill down to reveal your progress on each of the topics included. Each assignment also contains a Post Assessment. The order of topics displayed here is the order you will work in when you Start or Continue an assignment. Note that you will not be able to start a Post Assessment until the related topics are completed.


Screenshot of opened Dosage Calc 360 assignment topic module.


Topics that you’ve already finished will be marked with 100% completion. To go back and practice a previously completed topic, select a "Review" button.


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