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Practice quizzes help you improve your test-taking skills and determine which areas to focus on for further review.


Create a Quiz

To create a practice quiz, go to your Success Center and click the "Create Practice Quiz" button.




Practice Quiz Builder

The Practice Quiz Builder page allows you to choose parameters with which to create your Practice Quiz.




Quiz Name

Here, you can name your practice quiz.



Course Topic or Concept

You can create a quiz based on Course Topic or Concept. Click the dropdown menu to see the available topics or concepts, then click checkboxes to select a single topic/concept, a combination, or all. Note that some texts may additionally allow you to choose your Program.



Question Size and Type

Using the "Select Number of Questions" dropdown, select the number of questions you wish to include in your Practice Quiz. You can also choose to exclude questions you have already answered correctly. After you have finished making your selections, click the blue Start button to generate the quiz and begin.


After you have made your selections, click the "Start" button found at the bottom of the Practice Quiz Builder to generate your Practice Quiz and begin.


Answering Practice Quiz Questions

Step 1: Select your answer.


Step 2: Click "Submit" to progress to the next question of your Practice Quiz.



Quiz Feedback

After you have completed a Practice Quiz, you will be redirected to the Feedback page to see your results. Your ratio of correct versus incorrect answers will be displayed in the top-right of your Feedback. Additionally, rationales are provided for both correct and incorrect responses.




Comprehensive Exams (for NCLEX® or Medical Laboratory Science only)

Select titles offer the option to generate Comprehensive Exams from your Success Center. Click the "Exam Builder" button to begin.



In the Comprehensive Exam Builder for NCLEX® products, the "Select Question Size" option allows you to build either a 75- or 150-question Comprehensive Exam.


Alternately, the Medical Laboratory/Medical Laboratory Technician Comprehensive Exams feature 100 questions. Select your Degree Program before clicking Start.


Success Level Goals

Success Level Goals are created and assigned by your instructor. To achieve an assigned Success Level Goal, you should continue to create and take Practice Quizzes, taking care to improve your scores and thereby progress toward your Success Level Goals.


Accessing Success Level Goals

To access an assigned Success Level Goal, click the "View Assignments" button on your Success Center page.



Success Level Goals Tab

After clicking on the "View Assignments" button, click to view the "Success Level Goals" tab.



Create a Practice Quiz

To begin working toward a Success Level Goal, create a Practice Quiz by clicking its "Create Practice Quiz" link.



Build the Quiz

Step 1: Name the Practice Quiz.


Step 2: Select the number of questions to be included in the quiz.


Step 3: Click the "Start" button.


(Note that the Course Topic cannot be changed here.)



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