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Instructor: Manage Instructors: Davis Edge
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Manage Instructors 

You have the ability to add multiple instructors to a class. While on the Classes page for a particular text, click on “Manage” (1) underneath the "Instructors" column for a Davis Edge class.

Screenshot highlighting a 1) "Manage" hyperlink within a Davis Edge instructor Classes page.



Then, click the "Add Instructor" button (2) in the top-right.

Screenshot highlighting a 2) "Add Instructor" button.


Enter an e-mail address to invite another instructor to the class (3), then click "Search" (4). You will be prompted to choose what type of access to grant to the invited instructor (5). If the instructor is already a registered user of F. A. Davis, their information will be pre-populated and their status will change to Approved upon clicking "Save" (6) to close a "Search for Instructor by Email" page. If the instructor is not yet a registered user of  F. A. Davis, their status will remain Pending until they complete their registration, which will then be followed by our internal approval process (~24 business hours) before the status is updated to Approved.


Screenshot highlighting 3) an entry bar to type in an instructor's email 4) "Search" button 5) three different access types for an instructor you're adding to a class: Full Access, Edit Class, or Read Only 6) "Save" button to confirmation added instructor.


You (and any instructors who have been granted “Full Access” rights) always have the option to add more instructors, edit the type of access of existing instructors, or remove instructors from the class.

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