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Instructor: Access Davis Edge
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Once logged in at, the My Products page will display. Locate your Davis Edge title, and click the "Resources" button (1) to see available instructor or student resources, or click the "Davis Edge" button (2).


Screenshot of with two red arrows pointing to red boxes indicating View Resources link and Davis Edge link


When browsing your My Products list, you can adjust the View filter to display 10, 50 or all products you have access to. You can also sort by Access Date (most recent), Published Date (most recent), Author’s Name (A-Z), Title, or Package.


screenshot of My Products page with red arrows highlighting filter display options


Click the link to access Davis Edge for your selected title.


screenshot with red arrow and box highlighting the "Davis Edge" button


Or, you can use the "Browse Sites" dropdown (1) at the top-left corner of any FAD page and click Davis Edge (2) to open Edge.



You may have access to more than one title in Davis Edge. Click on a product to get started.

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