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Instructor: Manage Student Enrollment: Davis Edge
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Davis Edge: Manage Student Enrollment (Instructor) from F.A. Davis on Vimeo.

Once you have created a class and shared the Class ID with your students, your students will request to join the course roster. *If you did not check the “Auto-Enroll students” box when creating the class, you must manually admit the students into the class before the students can view assignments and submit work to the instructor gradebook.

View Roster

Review your student roster to see if there are students waiting to be admitted into the class. To view the roster, or to accept/reject students, click “Manage Students.”


The class roster will display, with students’ names and e-mail addresses. You have the ability to “Unenroll” students from the class as needed.


Accepting/Rejecting Enrollment Requests

If “Auto-Enroll” was turned off for your class, students will remain pending until you confirm or deny their enrollment. To accept a student into the class, click the “Accept” button located to the right of the student’s name. Next, confirm the student enrollment by clicking “OK.” An “Enrolled” confirmation message will be displayed after a student has been accepted into the class.



To prevent a student from entering a class, click the “Reject” button.




You may write a message to the student you are rejecting from the class by writing in the open text box. After you enter the rejection message, click “OK.” A “Rejected” confirmation message will be displayed.



You may bulk-approve students by clicking the (1) “Select All” checkbox, and then (2) “Accept All” button. Similarly, you may choose to “Reject All.”



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