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Student: Dashboard, Lessons and Exercises: Kinesiology in Action
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Kinesiology in Action: Accessing Lessons and Assignments (Student) from F.A. Davis on Vimeo.


Once you have been admitted into the class, your Dashboard will display the name of your book and the name of your class.



Click the Enter button on the main dashboard to see your Class Dashboard.



Class Dashboard

The Class Dashboard will display all of your Lessons.  Click the Lesson on which you would like to work.




Accessing Exercises

Clicking the Lesson bar will expand its content. To access an Exercise, click the name of the exercise to begin working.  Each Lesson area has a progress bar that lights up as you complete the exercise tabs.


You can also navigate between exercises within a lesson by clicking Quick Jump to Activites.


Of the exercises, Pretest, Critical Thinking, Practice, and Posttest exercises are graded and recorded in the Gradebook. Generation Exercises must be manually reviewed by your instructor if they wish them to be recorded in the Gradebook. The Videos tab is not graded.


Practice Mode

Before you begin working on an Exercise, check to see if you are in Practice Mode. The words Practice Mode will be displayed on the top right corner of the screen.

In Practice Mode, you may practice as many times as you want and choose when you want your work graded and submitted to your Instructor’s Gradebook. Work completed in Practice Mode will not be submitted to your Instructor’s Gradebook until you click the grade button.



If you are not in Practice Mode, the top right corner of the exercise screen will be blank. When this is the case, you do not have the option to practice and must click the grade button after the first attempt.

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