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Instructor: Gradebook: Medical Language Lab
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Navigating the Gradebook

According to the Grading Options you selected during the Class Setup process, your Gradebook provides a deeper dive into the assignment scores recorded for your students. 



You can toggle between the default Class view, Student view, and Testbank view (which reveals just the grades for Testbank assignments).



The "Module" dropdown menu allows you to toggle between modules to see grades for a chosen assignment. To further specify the grades being shown for your class, make selections in the "Activity Type" and "Exercise" dropdown menus.



To view an individual student’s grade, select the Student tab at the right of the page (1). Use the Student dropdown to select the name of an individual student (2).




Export the Gradebook

Medical Language Lab provides the option to download your students’ grades to an Excel spreadsheet. The exported scores may also be uploaded into a learning management system, such as Angel, Blackboard, Canvas, D2L, or Moodle (see the next section, "Batch Manage LMS User Names").


To download a spreadsheet of all student grades, select "Export Gradebook" (1). 


Select your preferred format from the "Select LMS" dropdown menu (2). Then, click "Export Score" (3) to download a spreadsheet version of your Gradebook in your chosen format. 




Batch Manage LMS User Names

If you would like to import the Gradebook into a learning management system (LMS), you will first have to link the students to their LMS user names.


Select the "Batch Manage LMS User Names" button (1) on the Gradebook page to view the Batch Manage Wizard.


Click the "Download Users" button (2), to bring up the "Download Users to CSV" popup. On that popup, select your LMS from the dropdown menu (3).


Click "Download CSV" (4) to download the spreadsheet in which you will need to enter your students’ LMS user names. 


Enter the LMS user name for each student, then save the updated spreadsheet to your computer. 


Return to the Medical Language Lab Batch Manage Wizard.


Select "Upload CSV" (5), to bring up the "Upload LMS Username" popup.



On the "Upload LMS Username" popup, click "Browse" (6) to locate and select the file on your computer. 


Select "Upload" (7).


A confirmation message will appear. Click "Close."


Click "Export Gradebook" to export the gradebook in your chosen LMS format. The user name fields will be populated for each student.


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