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Student: Access Assignments: Medical Language Lab
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Access Assignments


Accessing Assignments for Students from F.A. Davis on Vimeo.


To access your Assignments, click the View button next to your class. 



To begin working on an assignment, first select the Details button. Then click on the Start button to begin your next activity.



The What’s Next panel will display up to three assignments at a time, based on due date. To see a full list of your assignments, select View Assignments.



The Assignments tab helps you track due dates and assignment completion.




View Topic Details

Clicking Details on an assignment will drill down to reveal your progress on each of the module’s sections or individual activities. The order of modules displayed here is the order in which you will proceed through the course when you start or continue an assignment.

Topics that you have already finished will be marked with 100% completion. To go back and practice a previously completed module, select the Review button.




Tollgate Approach (Select Users) 

If your instructor has designated the Tollgate approach for your class, you may notice an active assignment with the Start button deactivated. The Tollgate approach means that an assignment will not open until the assignment before it is completed. You must complete the first assignment to unlock the next one, and so on.

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