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Student: Access Medical Language Lab
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Your starting point is In the top-right corner, you will see your name if you are already logged in. If you do not see your name, click "Log In." 


Screenshot of home page with an arrow highlighting the Log In link in the top right-hand corner of the page


If you know your login details, enter your email and password and click "Log In" (1). If you know you have an account but you have forgotten your password, click "Forgot Password?" (2) to reset your password. 


If you do not have an existing account, click "Create Account" (3) to make one. 


Screenshot of Log In or Create an F.A. Davis account screen with numbered callouts to 1. Log In button 2. Forgot Password? link and 3. Create an Account link


If you need to create an account, fill out all required fields. Please note that we recommend using your institutional email address (1) if possible.


Click "Create Account" (2) to create your account.


Screenshot of Create an F.A. Davis Account page that highlights 1. Recommendation of creating F.A. Davis account with school or institution's email address and 2. Click Create Account to create account


If you have purchased a new book, your Access Code will be on the inside cover. Enter your Access Code in the box that reads "Enter access code," then click "Redeem."


Screenshot of My Products page with a callout to the Redeem Access Code box where student can enter an access code that comes with purchase of a new textbook


Once logged in at, the “My Products” page will display. Locate your Medical Language Lab title, and click the "Resources" button (1) to see available student resources or click the "Medical Language Lab" button to access that platform (2).


Screenshot of My Products page that highlights hyperlink reading "Access Medical Language Lab" that can be clicked to access Medical Language Lab


When browsing your My Products list, you can adjust the View filter to display 10, 50 or all products you have access to. You can also sort by Access Date (most recent), Published Date (most recent), Author’s Name (A-Z), Title, or Package.


Screenshot of My Products page that highlights 1. Changing the view to display more or less of My Products at once and 2. Ability to sort by access date, published date, author name or title


Or, you can use the “Browse Sites” dropdown menu at the top-left of any FAD page to access Medical Language Lab.


Screenshot of that highlights Browse Sites dropdown menu in the top lefthand corner of the page, highlighting "Medical Language Lab" that can be clicked to open Medical Language Lab


You may have access to more than one title in Medical Language Lab. Click on a textbook to get started.

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