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Instructor: Comprehensive Assessments: Dosage Calc 360
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Comprehensive Assessments

In addition to the Module Assessments, you can include Comprehensive Assessments to evaluate students’ understanding of multiple content areas.  


To create comprehensive assessments, click Edit on your Classes page.

Screenshot of classes page with red arrow pointing to edit


Then, click the Comprehensive Assessments tab (1). If you wish to create a comprehensive assessment, click I want to create a comprehensive assessment (2).

Screenshot of class creation page with red arrows pointing to comprehensive assessment page and I want to create a comprehensive assessment choice selected

To skip this step, select I do not want to create a comprehensive assessment at this time.

The instructions below will show you how to create a comprehensive assessment:

First, select the option to create a comprehensive assessment (1) 

Next, enter a name for your assessment. This is a mandatory field (2) 

Adjust the start/end dates and end time, if desired (3)

You then have the option to choose either 25 questions or 50 questions (4) 


Screenshot of comprehensive assessment creation page, including name of assessment, start and end dates, and number of questions


Finally, you will have the option to turn “OFF” any topics you do not want included in the comprehensive assessment (5)


Screenshot of topics covered in assessment with certain topics turned off


If you would like to create another assessment, select “Create Another Assessment” at the bottom of the page. Or, if you are finished, select “Next Step.” If you wish to stop creating your assessment you can select “Cancel.”

Screenshot of create another assessment button


You can return to the Comprehensive Assessments tab at any time to create additional assignments, or to preview/edit existing ones.


To proceed to the Summary tab and complete class setup, select "I do not want to create a comprehensive assessment at this time" (1) then click Next Step (2).

Screenshot of comprehensive assessment tab with I do not want to create another assessment at this time selected




Suggested Uses for Comprehensive Assessments

Many instructors will use the comprehensive assessments as practice and/or review for a midterm, final, or exam. They are a great way to assess student understanding across multiple modules and topics.

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