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Instructor: Accessing Personalized Teaching Plans: Davis Advantage
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Personalized Teaching Plans (PTP)

A Personalized Teaching Plan (PTP) is available for each topic. The PTPs offer a variety of in-class activities, small group work, case studies, and discussions designed to engage students for higher level learning, and connect students more deeply with the content.

Your class’s pre- and post-assessment results let you focus on topics identified as areas of weakness and remediate to improve outcomes.

Accessing the PTPs

To access the entire library of Personalized Teaching Plans, click View next to your class.

Then, click the View PTPs button at the bottom of the Dashboard page.

On the PTP screen…

Step 1     Filter to display All or My PTPs.

Step 2     Click View PDF to explore the activites.

To add a PTP to your list of My PTPs, access the ASSIGNMENTS tab and select Add to PTP for that topic area.

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