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Instructor: Access Actionable Analytics: Davis 360
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This article is for Davis 360 products, which include Dosage Calc 360 and Test Success 360. While we use Dosage Calc 360 as an example, this information applies to all Davis 360 products.




To access its Dashboard, select the "View" button next to a class.

Screenshot highlighting the "View" button for a class on the Dosage Calc 360 instructor Classes page.

On the main Dashboard page, the How is My Class Doing? panel provides class-wide metrics on average performance (1), time spent on assignments (2), and participation rates (3). This panel also allows you to compare your current class's average performance against the combined average of all of your class sections to date (4). As your students complete more work in the platform, the Dashboard will also populate strengths and weaknesses (5) to show you your students' strongest and weakest topic areas.

Screenshot highlighting parts of the "How Is My Class Doing?" panel, including 1) a donut graph for the class post-assessment score average 2) average time spent on learning assignments 3) total student participation 4) average post-assessment performance in the instructor's current class versus all their classes 5) the top 5 and bottom 5 learning assignment topics for the current class.


At the bottom of a class Dashboard, you will find panels which allow you to view Assignments, create Quizzing Assignments, and check your Gradebook. 



Screenshot highlighting the panel at the bottom of a Dosage Calc 360 instructor's dashboard.



View Assignments

To view your students’ performance on each assigned topic, click the "ASSIGNMENTS" tab at the top of the page, or the "View Assignments" button located in the Learning Assignments panel at the bottom of the Dashboard.

Screenshot highlighting the "View Assignments" button found at the bottom of a Dosage Calc 360 instructor's dashboard.


In the Assignments view, you can review due dates, student participation/completion rates, and average time spent on specific Learning and/or Quizzing Assignments. 


The Assignments page will open by default to the full list of Learning Assignments for your course. For each topic listed, you will see the assignment Start Date (1) and End Date (2), the rate of Participation showing how many students began the assignment (3), the overall class performance for that assignment (4), and the average Time Spent on that assignment (5). 


Screenshot highlighting columns in a Dosage Calc 360 instructor's Assignments page, in the "Learning Assignments" display, including 1) the Start Date column 2) the End Date column 3) the Participation column 4) the Performance column 5) the Time Spent column.

Class performance (4) can be reviewed at a glance based on the following performance key:


  • Red thumbs-down: The average score for the class on the assignment is less than or equal to 69%.
  • Yellow thumbs-up: The average score for the class on the assignment is between 70–79%.
  • Green thumbs-up: The average score for the class on the assignment is 80% or above.


 You can use the Display tab to view separate listings of class performance on Learning Assignments (6) and Quizzing Assignments (7). When in the Learning Assignments display, you can quickly access your Class Setup by clicking the "Edit" button (8), or click "Show Details" for a given topic (9) to review individual student results.


Screenshot highlighting 6) the "Learning Assignments" display option 7) the "Quizzing Assignments" display option 8) the "Edit" button 9) the "Show Details" link for an assignment module.




View Student Details

Clicking "Show Details" allows you to view more top-down metrics for the subtopics within a module. 

Screenshot highlighting the the "Show Details" link for an assignment module.


The Details view shows the participation rate, average performance and time spent for each topic within the learning assignment, as well as the Post Assessment. To see how individual students performed on a specific topic, select Show Students. 


Screenshot highlighting the student table of subtopic-by-subtopic performance analytics which opens after the "Show Details" link for a module is clicked, and a "Show Students" link within an opened module.


The Show Students view allows you to see each student's performance-based score on the activity you've selected, as well as date completed and time spent. For Post Assessment assignments, you can also view each student's answers by selecting Results. 


Screenshot highlighting student-by-student performance for a module's subtopic, and a "Results" button for a student.


In addition to Learning Assignments, you can view metrics for quizzes by selecting the Quizzing Assignments tab at the top of the page.


Screenshot highlighting the "Quizzing Assignments" display option.


The Quizzing Assignments display allows you to review the start date, end date and number of questions for each quizzing assignment you've created, along with rates of student participation, performance and time spent. Select the Show Students tab to view individual student results. 


Screenshot highlighting the "Students" link for a Quizzing Assignment, which opens a table of student-by-student performance when clicked.


You can add new quizzing assignments to your course using the Add Quiz button (1) in the upper right corner. If students have not begun working on a quiz, you can select the Edit button (2) to update the parameters and questions in that quiz. The settings icon (3) can be used to Preview a finished quiz as it will appear to your students, or to Delete a quiz you no longer want to assign. 



Screenshot highlighting 1) the "Add Quiz" button 2) the "Edit" button for a Quizzing Assignment 3) the settings icon for a Quizzing Assignment.

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