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Instructor: Overview of Assignment Types: Davis 360
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This article is for Davis 360 products, which include Dosage Calc 360 and Test Success 360. While we use Dosage Calc 360 as an example, this information applies to all Davis 360 products.


There are two types of assignments you can assign to your students in Davis 360: Learning Assignments and Quizzing Assignments. You will find a brief introduction to each assignment type below. 

To learn how to navigate your Assignments page as the instructor and review student performance for completed assignments, see Instructor: Access Actionable Analytics. 

Learning Assignments

Learning Assignments in Davis 360 are module-based assignments addressing a broad priority topic in dosage calculations. The Learning Assignment is typically broken down into 2-4 subtopics, each containing a "Learn" and "Practice" segment for the student to work through. Once the student has completed every topic in the module, a Post-Assessment will unlock to test the student's knowledge and conclude the Learning Assignment. 


Screenshot of Dosage Calc 360 Assignment page with the "Safety in Medication Administration" module opened.


Learning Assignments follow a "Learn, Practice, Assess" model. 


"Learn"  delivers must-know content in student-friendly multimedia readings.


Screenshot of Dosage Calc 360 Learn tab for a subtopic, with arrow highlighting the "Learn" tab display option.


"Practice" gives students the experience they need to master the content.


Screenshot of Dosage Calc 360 Practice tab for a subtopic, with arrow highlighting the "Practice" tab display option.




"Assess" lets students and instructors easily track performance via the Post-Assessment. 


Screenshot highlighting the Dosage Calc 360 Post-Assessment title.


Quizzing Assignments

In addition to our readymade Learning Assignments, you also have the ability to create your own Quizzing Assignments to assess student progress on your own terms. Quizzing Assignments are a useful option for instructors who would like to assign homework quizzes covering content across multiple topics, or to create a mock test to help students prepare for an upcoming exam.


Screenshot of instructor-created Dosage Calc 360 Quizzing Assignments.



Screenshot highlighting the designation of an assignment as a Quizzing Assignment.



For more information on how to set up Quizzing Assignments in your course, see "Instructor: Create Quizzing Assignments: Davis 360."


(Please Note: We offer a separate instructor Test Bank to help you create your class exams. You can find this test bank on under your Resources page for Davis 360.)


Screenshot highlighting the "Resource" button for Dosage Calc 360, as seen on an instructor My Products page.

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