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Instructor: Manage Instructors: Dosage Calc 360
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To invite a colleague to join your class, click Manage next to the class. Then click Add Instructor.



Enter your colleague’s email address and click Search (1). 


Click to choose the Access Type (2) for the instructor you are adding. You may choose between:


Full Access: user has permission to edit the class, view students’ work, add/remove instructors, or delete the class.

Edit Class: user has permission to edit the class, view students’ work; cannot add/remove instructors or delete the class.

Read Only: user cannot make any changes to the class; can only view the setup and students’ work.


Once you've selected an Access Type, click Save (3). 




If the Instructor Email is not found and you are certain you are using the correct email address, please contact your F.A. Davis Educational Consultant to request access for that instructor.



Once you have successfully added a new instructor, that instructor will appear in the instructor list.

Select the Edit button to change an instructor’s Access Type, or Delete to remove an instructor from the class.


Note: The Master instructor is the individual that created the class. The Lead is the instructor whose name/e-mail is associated with the class.

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