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Instructor: Dashboard: Medical Language Lab
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To view the dashboard for your class, first navigate to your Classes Page, then select the "View" button on the line with the name of your class.


Screenshot of Medical Language Lab instructor "Classes" page with a box and arrow highlighting the "View" button next to a class, which can be pressed to land on the dashboard for the selected class


The Dashboard view provides at-a-glance, actionable analytics for instructors. Class performance indicators include participation rate, average assessment score, average time spent, and top module types. The Top Module Type section ranks your class’s overall performance on the different types of modules across all chapters.


Screenshot of the top of the instructor dashboard for a Medical Language Lab class


Assignments View

On your Dashboard page, the What's Next? panel provides a glimpse of current and upcoming assignments (3 at a time) showing what percentage of students has begun to work on the assigned module.


Screenshot of the "What's Next?" box which can be found at the top of the instructor dashboard for a Medical Language Lab class. Box and arrow highlighting a "View All Modules" button.

To access the full list of assignments with start/due dates and participation rates, select the View All Modules button, or click the Assignments tab at the top right of the page. Here you can preview all the module assignments that your students will complete. 


Screenshot of the Medical Language Lab instructor Assignments page with a box highlighting the due date column for assignment modules


Click "Details" next to a module to view its contents.


Screenshot of open Medical Language Lab assignment module, with boxes highlighting (1) "Details" button for a specific module (2) the activity types within the open module


Each module in Medical Language Lab contains multiple activities. The activities within each module can be customized by your instructor and may vary depending on the text.


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