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Creating a Practice Quiz from F.A. Davis on Vimeo.


Practice Quizzes


To create a Practice Quiz, select Create Practice Quiz.


Choose to create a Quick Assignment or a Custom Assignment.



Quick Assignment allows you to choose the number of questions (5-25) to be randomly selected from particular chapters.



Custom Assignment allows you to select each individual question you’d like to include. In this mode, you can Select Content (1) and Question Type (2).



In Custom Assignment mode, use the Search Questions bar (1) to focus on particular content and use the Select checkboxes (2) to the left of questions to include them in the assignment.



After selecting your filter parameters or questions, click Continue to move to Review Assignment, which allows you to view and edit individual questions, give the assignment a Start Date and Due Date (2), and to Randomize Question Order (3).



Click View Details to review an individual question.


If you don’t like a question, you can Remove it from the set, reducing your total number of questions by one.



Alternately, you can Replace the question, which will generate an alternate based on the assignment parameters you have already selected.



Keep clicking Show Me Another until you find a question you like. Then, click Use This Question and the new question will appear in your assignment.



After you have made your selections, click Continue to proceed to Assign to Class/Students.


Here you can Assign the Practice Quiz to the entire class or to an individual student (1).



Click Save & Exit (2) to assign to students.

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