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VitalSource eBook Support
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How do I access the online courseware/eResources that accompany the VitalSource ebook of my F.A. Davis text?

  1. Log into your VitalSource Bookshelf at
  2. If your ebook has courseware resources, you’ll see this icon on the cover.



  1. When you click on the image of your e- book or launch your ebook, a box will pop up in the top right-hand corner with the message “This item contains an access code. Click here to reveal.”






  1. Your ‘Resources’ screen will appear. Click on ‘Access Codes’




  1. When your title appears on the next screen with your access code,
    click the ‘Copy’ button to its right.



  1. Visit Sign in to your student account, or create a new account. Follow the instructions to redeem your code.



If you encounter an “Access code already revealed” message on VitalSource and you do not recall accessing the code, or have other questions about accessing your courseware resources, contact VitalSource Support.



If you have questions about redeeming your access code on, see the article, “Student: Redeem an Access Code” on the Customer Support page.


Click here to access the VitalSource eBook support page!


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