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Student: Redeem an Access Code
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Please note that before you redeem an access code, you must first create an account and log into F.A. Davis. (See Logging in/Creating an Account.)

Access codes are provided by F.A. Davis. It is a 12-digit access code containing letters A-F and numbers 0-9. If you are not sure of the letter or number, please submit a ticket with a photo of your access code. If you purchased a new book, you’ll find the access code on the inside front cover. If you purchased an Access Card, the code will be inside the card. If you did not buy a new book, you may purchase instant access online at (See below for instructions.)  

Students Who Purchased a New Book or Access Card

If you have purchased a new book or Access Card, follow the instructions below to redeem your access code…

STEP 1       Scratch off the silver bar carefully to reveal your unique code.

STEP 2       Go to to log in or create your account.

STEP 3       On your My Products page, enter the access code in the Redeem Access Code box.

Purchase Instant Access

If you do not have an access code and would like to purchase instant access…

STEP 1       Use the search bar to locate the resource you need to purchase.


STEP 2       Select the title you wish to purchase as illustrated in the example below.


STEP 3       Click Add to Cart below Instant Access. Then, follow the instructions in your shopping cart to complete your purchase.

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