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Instructor: Grade Generation Exercises: Medical Language Lab
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Grade Generation Exercises

Generation exercises are not automatically graded. When a Generation Exercise needs to be graded, an alert will appear on the dashboard notifying you that there are Assignments waiting to be graded.



To locate ungraded Generation exercises,


First, click Gradebook and use the Student tab to locate individual students. Once you've found the individual student, select the Module with the ungraded exercise by clicking Details.


Next, select Details next to Generation. Then, use the Audio Generation or Text Generation links to review student submissions.



On the next page, listen to the Audio Submission or read the Text Submission. Then, use your browser's Back button to return to the previous page.



Next, use the Edit function alongside the Audio or Text Generation Submission to record a score. You may also leave a comment using the icon to the right of the Edit button.  


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