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Instructor: Preview Student View: Kinesiology in Action
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On the Dashboard, click the Preview Student View button to see the Student Experience as determined by your class settings (selected content, due dates, etc.). The student’s view will open in a separate tab, and reflects what enrolled students will see after they have entered your Class ID.

Screenshot of Kinesiology In Action instructor dashboard with a red box and red arrow highlighting the "Preview Student View" button

To view a module as a student, select the Details button, then click the Start button next to the assignment.

Screenshot of open Kinesiology In Action assignment module with red arrows highlighting (1) the "Details" button found to the right of each assignment module's name, which can be pressed to open the module (2) the "Start" button to the right of an exercise name which can be pressed to start working on the exercise


Browse through the student exercises and activities.

Screenshot of the type of instruction screens that can be found at the beginning of Kinesiology In Action lab exercises. The instruction screen includes a video students will need to watch to answer the exercise's proceeding questions.

Screenshot of the activity types found on the left-hand side of each Kinesiology In Action assignment module, which include: Read, Intro, Pre-Assessment, Pre Lab, Lab, Post-Assessment

After you’ve finished browsing through the Student View, click "To close the preview, click here" in the red message banner at the top of the page to close the tab.

Screenshot of confirmation message which appears when an instructor chooses to begin exiting Kinesiology In Action's "Preview Student View" mode, with a red box that highlights the statement "To Close the preview, click here."

Please note that all modules and their content can also be viewed by selecting Edit for a created class, and navigating to the Customize Content tab.

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