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Instructor: Create a Class and Dashboard: Kinesiology in Action
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After logging into Kinesiology in Action, your Dashboard will display the title of the product you have adopted.



After creating a class within Kinesiology in Action, the class information will be displayed on the Dashboard.


Kinesiology in Action: Create a Class (Instructor) from F.A. Davis on Vimeo.



Creating a class enables you to track your students’ progress. Your students’ grades will be submitted to your Gradebook.

STEP 1      Click the Create Class button located on your dashboard.


STEP 2      The Create Class screen will open. Enter the information about your class.


STEP 3       Enter the name of your course in the Class Title field.
This is a mandatory field.



STEP 4         Enter a description of your class in the Class description field.
This is an optional field.



STEP 5     Enter the Start Date and End Date for your class.
These are mandatory fields. The start date is the date that your Kinesiology in Action class will be available to your students. The end date is the date on which students will no longer be able to submit work to your gradebook.  


STEP 6     A. Check Auto-enroll students if you want your students to be automatically added to the class when they submit the Class ID you provide to them.

B. If students complete activities prior to being enrolled in your class, you can choose to import those grades by checking AUTO-IMPORT GRADES. Each student’s progress will be automatically copied into the instructor class gradebook when the student enrolls into the class.

C. You can also opt to ALLOW LATE SUBMISSIONS to your gradebook (see Late Submissions section, pg. 22).


STEP 7     Each class created within Kinesiology in Action will have a unique Class ID.

*(Please note!) You must provide your students with this Class ID in order for them to access your Kinesiology in Action class, take Assignments, and submit work to your Instructor Gradebook.

It is recommended that you distribute the Class ID to the students by e-mail or pasting it into your Learning Management System, as the program will not distribute this code to the students.



STEP 8   After you have entered the information about your class details, click the Save and Continue button at the bottom.



To confirm that your class has been created, check your Dashboard.  The Class ID will be included on your Dashboard view. It will also be e-mailed to you.


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