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Instructor: Assignments and Gradebook: Kinesiology in Action
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Generation Exercises are not automatically graded. When a Generation Exercise needs to be graded, an alert will appear on the Dashboard notifying you that there are Assignments waiting to be graded.

To access the Assignment, click Assignment, and then click the Exercise name.

Enter a score and feedback in the text box.

This information will appear in the Instructor’s Feedback area of the Student’s Dashboard.


If you choose to make the Generation Exercises a Group Exercise, you can create groups within the Class by clicking Manage Groups on the dashboard.

Then click on the Custom Create Groups or Auto Create Groups.

Kinesiology in Action: Accessing the Gradebook (Instructor) from F.A. Davis on Vimeo.



Each class within Kinesiology in Action has an Instructor Gradebook that can be incorporated into a Learning Management System (LMS). To access the gradebook, click Gradebook.


Gradebook Details

Summaries of each student’s performance in a class feature each student’s name, e-mail address, status, overall average grade, and time spent in the program. Click on VIEW DETAILS to review more detailed information about each student’s performance.

Gradebook Details

You can choose whether you want to review grades through the Student View or Class View.

The Student View shows cumulative grades for all of your students as well as the time they spent in the program.

Click on View Details to display a student’s grades for each Lesson or Lesson Level.



From the Lesson Level screen, click on View Details to view the Activity Level, where you can review the student’s status, score, number of attempts, time spent, and any feedback for each activity within a lesson.

At the Activity Level, you can override the scores of any completed Activities by clicking in the Final Scores column to replace the percentage score. Then, click Save Final Scores. These scores will be reported in both the Instructor and Student Gradebooks.

Class View

Selecting the Class View shows you the average score and time spent in each lesson for the entire class.

Click View Details to view the average grade, rate of student activity completion, and average time spent per activity at the Activity level for the entire class.

Click on View Details to see the Class Comparison where each student’s final score is displayed. You may override final scores here by replacing the score and clicking on Save Final Scores.

Late Submissions

If you opted to ALLOW LATE SUBMISSIONS in the class setup, then students who’ve submitted any assignment(s) after the designated due date will be highlighted in your Instructor Gradebook.

If you did not not opt to allow late submissions for the class, late work will be marked ‘Incomplete’ in the gradebook and a score will not be recorded.


You can export the Kinesiology in Action Gradebook and then incorporate it into a Learning Management System (LMS) by downloading it from Kinesiology in Action and uploading it into the LMS.

From the Instructor Class Gradebook screen, click Export GradebooK to generate a spreadsheet that you can edit and then upload to your selected LMS.



Kinesiology in Action: Grading Short Answer Exercises (Instructor) from F.A. Davis on Vimeo.

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