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Instructor: Customize Your Class: Kinesiology in Action
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Kinesiology in Action: Customize a Class (Instructor) from F.A. Davis on Vimeo.



Kinesiology in Action offers the option to customize your class.

You can customize your class immediately after creating it or you can customize it later. After creating a class, you’ll see a message asking you if you would like to continue customization. If you wish to continue, click “Customize Settings.”

You can customize the class later by clicking “Edit Class Details” from your Dashboard.


Reorder the Lessons

You can choose which lessons to include/exclude in the class. By default, all lessons are included—but you can move selected lessons to the “Available Lessons” column on the right to remove them from the class.

You can also set the order of the lessons in the class by dragging and dropping them in the desired order.

Customize the Lesson & Assignment Settings

Kinesiology in Action Lessons and Assignments can be customized. The steps taken to customize Lessons and Assignments are the same no matter which Lesson you are working in. 

To begin, use the dropdown menu to select the lesson you wish to focus on.

When customizing a Lesson, you may adjust settings for all Assignments contained within that Lesson, including start/end dates and the grading rule.

  • Universal Lesson Start and End Dates

You can set universal start and end dates for all Assignments within the Lesson. The Lesson start and end dates will determine when students can submit work to the Gradebook. Date settings in Kinesiology in Action function according to the Eastern time zone. Work completed AFTER the due date will not be recorded in your Instructor Gradebook, unless you previously opted to ALLOW LATE SUBMISSIONS (see Late Submissions section).



  • Universal Lesson Grading Rules

You can set universal Grading Rules for all Assignments. You may choose to have students graded on their first attempt, allow them to practice and review before being graded, or practice only.


Generation Exercises prompt students to write a sentence or two in a free text box to answer a question. Generation Exercises are not automatically graded.

You can choose to make these assignments a Group Assignment. If you decide to use this feature, the students’ submissions will be posted to the Group Discussion Forum where other students in the small group may view the submissions and make comments and suggestions to their peers.


You may choose to take a more granular approach and customize a Lesson “exercise-by-exercise.” At the bottom of the page, click to expand the Assignment that you would like to customize.

View the assignment in another tab by clicking on the link. To remove an assignment from the students’ view, un-check the box to the left of the assignment name. The assignment start/end dates and grading rules will default to the universal settings for that lesson, unless you decide to change them.


  • Class Resources

For select titles you have the option to add your own resources for each Lesson.

Click on the Class Resources tab and the Add File or Link button. You may upload a single document or insert a link to an external source. The upload file size may be no larger than 2 MB and the file formats allowed are doc(x), ppt(x), pdf, jpeg, and png.

Class Overview

The Class Overview provides an outline of the content you have chosen to include in the class.

Once finished, you can print or navigate back to your Dashboard using the link toward the top right of the Class Overview screen.



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