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Instructor: Manage Classes: Davis Edge
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Clone Class

Davis Edge: Clone Class (Instructor) from F.A. Davis on Vimeo.


If you teach the same class in multiple sections or from semester-to-semester, you may want to clone (copy) a class and its assignments. To clone a class, click Clone in the settings menu, then adjust the new class details as needed. Each new class section will have a unique Class ID. (Note: If you are using a title that incorporates both Davis Advantage and Davis Edge, class cloning is done via Davis Advantage.)


Note: If you are seeking to clone an Expired class, please see section Reopen an Expired Class.


Edit Class Details

To change class details for an existing class, click “Edit Class” from the settings menu at the right. 



Delete Class

To delete the class, click “Delete” on the dashboard and approve the validation message.


Davis Edge: Re-Open Expired Class (Instructor) from F.A. Davis on Vimeo.



Reopen an Expired Class

If you want to grant more time to students who may have missed an initial due date within an expired class, you have the option of re-opening the class. Click the “Expired” tab at the top of your dashboard to expose your collection of expired classes, find the class in question, then click “Re-Open.” You will be prompted to choose a new end date for the class. This will make the class available to the associated students again.


You will need to edit/extend the due dates of any activities within the class for which you wish to grant additional time. Note: any work that was completed between the initial end date and the time you re-opened the class will not have been recorded in the gradebook; students who want to take advantage of an extended activity will need to complete the work for a grade after the class is re-opened.


Note: if an expired Davis Edge class is to be cloned,  it must first be re-opened with the steps above.


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