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Instructor: Gradebook: Dosage Calc 360
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Export the Gradebook

Dosage Calc 360° provides the option to download student grades to an Excel spreadsheet. The exported scores may also be uploaded into a learning management system – such as Angel, Blackboard, Canvas, D2L, or Moodle (see next section - Batch Manage LMS User Names).

To download a spreadsheet of all student grades, (1) select Export Gradebook, (2) choose your preferred format from the dropdown menu, then (3) click “Export Score.”

Batch Manage LMS User Names

If you would like to import the gradebook into a learning management system (LMS), you will first have to link the students to their LMS usernames. To do so, select the Batch Manage LMS User Names button in the Gradebook page.

Instructions will display to help guide you. (1) Click “Download Users” then (2) select your LMS from the dropdown menu. (3) Select “DOWNLOAD CSV” to download the spreadsheet in which you will need to enter the students’ LMS usernames.

Once the LMS usernames have been entered for each student, Save the updated spreadsheet to your computer, then return to the DC 360 Batch Manage Wizard and (1) select “Upload CSV,” then (2) click to “Choose File.” Once you have located the file, (3) select “Upload.” A confirmation will appear.

Once complete, you will be able to Export the gradebook in your chosen LMS format, and the Username fields will be populated for each student.

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