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Instructor: Success Level Goals: Davis Edge
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Davis Edge also allows you to create Success Level Goals for your students. To begin, click the “Create Success Level Goal” button, located on the dashboard.


Select Course Topic

On the Success Level Goal Wizard page, you will first select a course topic.



Select Success Level Goal

Then, you will select a Success Level Goal. Students begin at Level 1: Beginner for all topics. Students can “level up” by generating Practice Quizzes on a topic and continuing to answer questions correctly.


The “Success Level Goal Name” will be based on the Course Topic chosen. This field will automatically populate and cannot be edited.




Goal Due Date

Select the Goal Due Date and save.



View/Edit Assigned Success Level Goals

To view, edit, or delete an existing Success Level Goal, select “Assigned Success Level Goals” from the green drop-down menu within the Instructor Success Center.


To adjust or remove an assigned success level goal, use the “Edit” or “Delete” buttons at the right of the table. To view students’ progress toward a goal, click on the goal Title at the left.


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