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Instructor: Create a Davis Edge Assignment: Davis Advantage with Davis Edge Quizzing
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On the Assignments tab, click the Edge toggle at the top of the screen to switch your view from Davis Advantage assignments to Davis Edge assignments,


If you chose to add Davis Edge pre-set assignments when you created your class, you will see your pre-set assignments listed on this screen. You can Edit, Delete, or View those assignments by clicking the Edit, Delete, or View Details buttons next to the assignment.

Add Assignments

If you would like to add more Davis Edge assignments to your class, click the Add Assignments button in the top right corner of the screen.

After you click the Add Assignment button, the Assignment Builder Wizard will open.

Assignment Name

Enter the name of the Assignment. This is a required field.

Assignment Start and End Dates

Choose an assignment start date which is the date on which the Assignment will become available to your students. Students cannot begin working on an Assignment prior to the start date. This is a required field.

Choose an assignment Due Date. Students will not be able to submit work to the Gradebook after this date passes. This is a required field.


The End Time was chosen when you created your class.

Choose Assignment Type

There are three types of Davis Edge Assignments in Davis Advantage.

  1. Quick Assignment: Questions in Quick Assignments are chosen randomly auto-generated, up to 25 questions.
  2. Custom Assignment: Questions in Custom Assignments are selected by you, the instructor. A Custom Assignment allows you to browse all available questions.
  3. Pre-Set Assignment: Questions in Pre-Set Assignments are chosen by the program to align with course topics. You have the option to turn all of these on for the topics you chose when you created your class. If you did not choose to turn on Pre-Set Assignments, you can add individual Pre-Set Assignments here.

There are three steps to creating a Quick Assignment or a Pre-Set Assignment: (1) Details, (2) Parameters, and (3) Review Assignment.


There are four steps to creating a Custom Assignment: (1) Details, (2) Parameters, (3) Select Questions, and (4) Review Assignment.


Select the button next to Quick Assignment, Custom Assignment, or Pre-Set Assignment, then click Next Step.

Choose Filter Parameters

In Step 2 of the Assignment Builder, you will choose the areas from which questions will be pulled.

You can choose to create an assignment based on Course Topics or Concept. From the resulting list, you may select a single item, a combination, or all.


If you have chosen Custom Assignment, you may also select question types. All question types are selected by default.


Select Questions: Custom Assignment

For Custom Assignments, choose the questions to include in the assignment by clicking checkboxes next to the questions. (This will be displayed as Step 3: Selection Questions.) Note that you can View Details for each question, including answers, rationales, and page references.


You can also search against the result set by entering a word or phrase into the open text box, or filter by difficulty by checking the Filter Difficulty Level boxes.

Question Feedback

We welcome your feedback! To send us feedback about a specific question…

Step 1      Click View Details for that question

Step 2      Check the box next to Flag Question at the bottom of the window

Step 3      Enter your comments in the open text box.

Step 4      Click Submit.


Review Assignment

The final step in creating an assignment is Review Assignment. (This will be displayed as Step 3 in Quick Assignments and Step 4 in Custom Assignments.) Here, you can amend the assignment details, review assignment questions, and choose whether or not to randomize the order of the questions.

Randomize Question Order

Davis Edge offers the option to randomize the order of the questions for each student who works on the assignment.
To use this feature, select Yes.

Assignment Question Inclusion and Order

The questions selected for an assignment will be displayed. To remove a question, click REMOVE and click OK. If you click REPLACE, a replacement question will be generated from within the same course topic or concept.

To view the details of a question, click the VIEW DETAILS button. A new window will open that displays the correct answer(s), rationales, and page references.

If you have chosen not to randomize the order of the questions, you can change the sequence of the questions by hovering over the arrows located to the left of the question. Click and drag the questions to the desired order in the sequence.

Confirmation of Assignment Creation

When you have created an assignment, it will be displayed in the Assignment List for your class. To make changes, click the Edit button. After your students have started working on a quiz, you will no longer be able to edit the question or make changes.

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