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Student: Completing Assignments: Davis Advantage with Davis Edge Quizzing
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To begin working in Davis Advantage, select the View button in the line with the name of your class.

The Dashboard view displays your current and upcoming Assignments, as well as a summary of your performance, your average assessment score, the average time spent on assignments, and number of assignments you have completed.

Assignments will be listed by their due dates and times. If your instructor has assigned a due date to the topic, you must complete the work by the time listed on the date it is due.

Davis Advantage includes both Davis Advantage application-focused assignments and Davis Edge assessment quizzes. Davis Edge assignments are called out by the Edge logo next to the assignment.

To begin working on a Davis Advantage assignment, click Start next to the Advantage assignment.

Each Davis Advantage assignment features a pre-assessment, a video, an activity, and a post-assessment.


You must complete the Pre-assessment before the video, activity, and post-assessment will be available to you. This gauges your retention and understanding of the content and concepts within the chapter(s). You may only take the Pre-assessment once. If your Pre-assessment results indicate a need for additional practice (red thumbs-down), then you must watch the video and complete the activity before the post-assessment is unlocked.

To open the Pre-assessment, click Continue on the Overview page.


The videos are animated mini lectures that explore key concepts to make the content more accessible and memorable. You can replay videos as many times as you need to understand the content. Click the View Transcript button to see the script for a video.


Activities are designed to check your understanding or expand your knowledge through interactive, exploratory learning exercises, such as case studies and drag-and-drop activities. All activities feature comprehensive rationales to help you understand why your responses were correct or incorrect.


Each Post-assessment has five questions. You may take the Post-assessment more than once.

Please be sure to read the directions on the Overview screen for the Post-Assessment!
Your instructor may either place a limit of 3 attempts on the Post-assessment*, or may allow unlimited attempts. This will be indicated in the Overview description.


After you have answered the Post-assessment questions, the Results page will appear. You may click the View Incorrect button to see which of the questions you answered incorrectly. Or, you may try to answer those questions again. Select the Try Again button.*

*If your instructor has chosen to provide you with only 3 attempts, you will be given the option to View Answers after the third attempt.

As you complete the Post-assessment for each topic, that topic will be marked as complete in your Personalized Learning Plan (PLP). More information about your PLP is provided in the next section.


Davis Edge assignments are quizzes designed to assess your broader and deeper comprehension of the content. Davis Edge assignments are called out by the Edge logo next to the title of the assignment.

To complete a Davis Edge assignment, click Start in the line with your Davis Edge assignment.

Davis Edge assignments feature NCLEX®-style questions. Select your answer(s) and click Submit to progress through the quiz.

After you have completed the quiz, you will receive immediate feedback, including rationales for both incorrect answers and correct responses, page references to the content in your text, and test taking tips. Your results will be stored in your Personalized Learning Plan for future review.

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