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Student: Personalized Learning Plan: Davis Advantage with Davis Edge Quizzing
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The Personalized Learning Plan, or PLP, is your path to success. The PLP is individualized based on your demonstrated strengths and weaknesses as you progress through the course. Your PLP shows you how well you performed on Davis Advantage application assignments and Davis Edge assessment assignments.

For both Davis Advantage assignments and Davis Edge assignments, a green thumbs-up means that you answered 80% or more of the questions correctly on that assessment. A red thumbs-down means that you answered 60% or less of the questions correctly on that assessment.

To access your PLP at any time, click View PLP from your Dashboard.

The default view for your PLP displays the Davis Advantage assignments you are currently working on. Click the ACTIVE button to view them.

You may also click ALL to view the topics you have completed and the topics that are past due using the Display toggle on the right side of the page.

Use the toggle in the top-right corner of the screen to switch between Davis Advantage and Davis Edge.

Tracking your Progress / Assignment Completion

From your PLP, you may review a previously completed assignment or continue working on an unfinished assignment. A date in the Date Complete column confirms that you have completed an assignment.

Taking a Davis Edge Practice Quiz

For additional practice in the areas of weakness identified in your Personalized Learning Plan, you can work independently by creating and taking practice quizzes. To create a practice quiz from your Personalized Learning Plan, select Edge from the Display toggle in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Scroll down on the Edge display of your Personalized Learning Plan to access the Practice Quiz generator. You will be able to review any Practice Quizzes you have taken from this screen.

To create a new Practice Quiz, click Create Practice Quiz.

Enter a name for your quiz.

Select the Course Topic(s) or Concept(s) you want to include in your quiz.

Select the number of questions you would like in the quiz. You may also choose whether to include questions you’ve already answered correctly. Finally, click Start Quiz.

Take your quiz by selecting the answers to the questions. Then, select click Submit.

After you have completed your quiz, you will receive immediate feedback, including rationales for both incorrect answers and correct responses, page references to the content in your textbook, and test-taking tips. Your results will be stored in your Personalized Learning Plan for future review.

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