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Student: Access Gradebook: Davis Advantage with Davis Edge Quizzing
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The Gradebook tab will display all your assignments for the class and your scores for the topics you have completed. These scores are also reported to your Instructor’s Gradebook.


To see your grades at any time, first click View in the row with the name of your class.

Then click the GRADEBOOK link at the top.

Grading Rule

When accessing your Gradebook page, please note the Grading Rules posted at the top of the page! These are the rules established by your Instructor and explain how credit is awarded for the assignments you have completed.


You will see one of the following options explaining the grading rules for both Davis Advantage and Davis Edge assignments.


  • Participation Approach

You will receive credit based on the percentage of work you have completed for each assignment. If you complete some but not all of an assignment, you will receive partial credit. For example, if you completed half of an assignment, you’ll receive a grade of 50%.


  • Points Approach

You will receive points for completing each assignment. The point value is set by your instructor. For example, if each assignment is worth 4 points, and you complete 75% of the assignment, you’ll receive 3 points.


  • Traditional Approach

Each assignment is based on a total of 100 percentage points. Your score reflects the percentage of questions you answered correctly.


Late Work

If you have submitted work after its due date, the late submission will be noted in red in your Gradebook.


Work that is submitted late will be viewable by your instructor, and may or may not be accepted according your Instructor’s policy.

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