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Instructor: Create an Assignment: Davis Edge
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Davis Edge: Create Assignment (Instructor) from F.A. Davis on Vimeo.



Create an Assignment

In addition to students’ independent quizzing, Davis Edge allows you to assign particular questions for your students to take, so you can track completion and gauge understanding.


After you have created a class, click Create Assignment from the Assignments dropdown.


After you click the “Create New Assignment” button, the Assignment Builder Wizard will open. This is where you will begin creating the assignment.



Assignment Name

Enter the name of the assignment. This is a required field.



Assignment Start and End Dates

Choose an assignment start date, which is the date that the Assignment will become available to the students. Students cannot begin working on an Assignment prior to the start date. This is a required field.



Choose an assignment due date. The students will not be able to submit work to the gradebook after this date passes. This is a required field.



Choose Assignment Type

Choose “Create Quick Assignment” or “Create Custom Assignment.” Once you make your choice, the system will automatically move you forward to the next step.



Assignment Types in Davis Edge


Quick Assignment - Questions included in Quick Assignments are chosen randomly by the tool (auto-generated), up to 25 questions.


Custom Assignment - Questions included in Custom Assignments are selected by the instructor. A Custom Assignment allows you to browse all available questions.


There are a total of three steps when creating a Quick Assignment: (1) Assignment Details, (2) Define Assignment Parameters, and (3) Review Assignment.


There are a total of four steps when creating a Custom Assignment: (1) Assignment Details, (2) Define Assignment Parameters, (3) Select Questions, and (4) Review Assignment.


A third option, Pre-set Assignment, is available for select titles only (see pg. 27 of this guide).



Choose Filter Parameters


In Step 2 of the Assignment Builder, you will choose the areas from which questions will be pulled. The options for filter parameters will vary by title.*


You can choose to create an assignment based on Course Topics or Concepts. From the resulting list, you may select a single item, a combination, or all.



Users of select LPN/LVN titles (Fundamentals of Nursing Care, 3rd edition or Understanding Medical-Surgical Nursing, 6th edition) may also select “Skills Video-Based” as a filter parameter. These are questions that pertain to Davis’s Nursing Skills Videos for LPN/LVN (students purchase separately). Five questions are available per video.




For NCLEX-RN® and NCLEX-PN® versions of Davis Edge, the filter options are

NCLEX Client Needs Category, Content Area, or Concept.




Davis Edge for Primary Care filters questions by Course Topic or Area of Practice:




Davis Edge for Medical Laboratory Science Review filters questions by MLS or MLT programs:





Question Type: Custom Assignment (for select titles)

If you have chosen a Custom Assignment, select titles will also allow you to choose question type(s).




Private Stock Questions

Davis Edge offers the option to create an assignment based on the private stock of questions, created solely for instructors. To create an assignment using the private stock, click the box next to “Only show instructor private stock questions” after you’ve chosen the filter parameters.




Question Size: Quick Assignment

If you have chosen a Quick Assignment, select the number of questions to include in the assignment. After the assignment parameters are defined, click the “Continue” button to view an auto-generated list.



Select Questions: Custom Assignment

For Custom Assignments (Step 3: Select Questions), choose the questions to include in the assignment by clicking the “Select” checkboxes. Note that you can “View Details” for each question, including answers, rationales, and page references (if applicable).



You can also search against the result set by entering a word or phrase into the open text box, then clicking the “Search Question” button.



You can search the complete question library by clicking the “Include complete question library” checkbox.



Click “Reset” to clear the search term(s).



Question Feedback

We welcome your feedback! To send us feedback on a particular question, (1) click to “View Details” of a question; (2) check the box next to “Flag Question” at the bottom of the window; (3) add comments in the open text box; and (4) click “Submit.”





Review Assignment

The final step in creating an assignment is “Review Assignment.” This will be displayed as “Step 3” in Quick Assignments and “Step 4” in Custom Assignments. Here, you can amend the assignment details, review assignment questions, and take advantage of additional features like time limit or randomizing questions.




Assignment Time Limit

Davis Edge offers an optional time limit feature. To use this, (1) check the box next to “Set Time Limit [minutes],” and (2) enter the time, in minutes, in the open text box.




Randomize Question Order

Davis Edge also offers the option to randomize the question order for each student that takes the assignment. To use this feature, check the box next to “Randomize Question Order.”




Assignment Question Inclusion and Order

The questions chosen for the assignment will be displayed. To remove a question, click “Remove” and click “OK.” If you click “Replace,” a replacement question will be generated that you’ll either approve or reject for another new question.


To view question details, click the “View Details” button. This will open a window that displays the question details, including correct answer(s), rationales, and page references (if applicable).

To change the order of the questions, hover over the arrows located to the left of the question. Click and drag the questions to the desired sequence (if you have not chosen to randomize).



Assignment Preview

You may preview the assignment by clicking the “Preview” button at the bottom (Note: If this feature is not working, check your browser settings and allow pop-ups from Davis Edge). After reviewing the assignment, click the “Save and Exit” button.




Confirmation of Assignment Creation

Once an assignment is created, it will be displayed in the Assignment List for the class. To access, click “View Assignments” from the Assignments dropdown.





Pre-Set Assignments (select titles only)

Certain titles within Davis Edge offer pre-built Assignments that have been created by F.A. Davis.


Click “Create Assignment.” 

Next, click “Access Pre-Set Assignments.”


You will be directed to the Pre-Made Assignments listing, where you can access assignments already compiled for you by F.A. Davis. Here, you can “Preview” the assignments or select an assignment.


Once you select an assignment, you can remove or replace any question. Please note that you must first select an assignment in order to begin editing it.



After you select the assignment and click “Continue” at the bottom of the page, you can edit the assignment by replacing or removing questions. You can also adjust the assignment name, start and due dates. You can set a time limit and/or randomize the questions.



  When finished, click at the bottom of the page to “Preview” the assignment and/or “Save & Exit” to finalize.




View/Edit Existing Assignments 

To amend or edit an assignment after it is created, navigate to the “View Assignments” page.


Then click “Edit” to make changes. You can also choose to “Copy” or duplicate an assignment for students to re-try, or “Delete” an assignment that is not needed.



Davis Edge: Create Success Level Goals (Instructor) from F.A. Davis on Vimeo.



Student View

The assigned Success Level Goal will display as a Class Assignment in the students’ view, with Due Date and Progress %.



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