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Instructor: Gradebook: Davis Edge
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Davis Edge: Access Gradebook (Instructor) from F.A. Davis on Vimeo.


Each class within Davis Edge will have a gradebook that can be incorporated into a Learning Management System.


To access the gradebook, click “Class Gradebook” from the “Overview” drop-down menu, or click the orange “Gradebook” button in the upper right hand corner of the Success Center.


View Details

To view how students are performing on an individual basis, click “View Details” next to the student’s name.

You have the ability to override scores of any completed work by clicking in the “Final Grade %” column, replacing the percentage score, and then clicking “Save Final Scores.” These scores will report back to both the instructor and student gradebooks.



Export Gradebook

You may export the Davis Edge gradebook and import it into a Learning Management System (LMS) by downloading a spreadsheet from Davis Edge and uploading it into the LMS. To start this process, click “Export Gradebook” from the Instructor gradebook page.

For more information about export options, click the help icon (?) next to the Export Gradebook button.


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