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Student: Join Instructor's Class: Davis Edge
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Davis Edge: Join Your Instructor's Class (Student) from F.A. Davis on Vimeo.


Class ID

After you have redeemed or purchased access, you will be prompted to Join a Class.


You must enter your instructor’s unique Class ID in order to access your instructor’s class, take the course assignments, and submit work to your Instructor’s Gradebook. The Class ID will be provided to you by your instructor.


To enter a Class ID after you have created a Davis Edge account and redeemed access, go to the top right of the page and click on the Join a Class link.


Enter the Class ID and click the Join a Class button to submit.



If you are joining more than one class, repeat the above steps for each new class you need to join.


After you have entered the Class ID number, your instructor will admit you into the class.

Please note that work completed outside of your instructor’s class will not be reported to your Instructor’s Gradebook.


Class information will be displayed on the Success Center after your instructor admits you into the class. Note: If your instructor chooses to admit students automatically, you will have instant access to the class.


Note: Students using Basic Nursing, 2nd Edition by Leslie S. Treas, Judith M. Wilkinson, Karen L. Barnett, and Mable H. Smith, you will enter your Class ID into Davis Advantage.

You will NOT need to input your Class ID in Davis Edge. Once you are enrolled via Advantage, you will automatically join the class in Edge.

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