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Student: Success Center and Assignments: Davis Edge
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If you are using Davis Edge for only one class or product, your Success Center automatically opens each time you log into Davis Edge. There are several different functions available in the Success Center, which will each be reviewed in the sections that follow.


Davis Edge: How to Take an Assignment (Student) from F.A. Davis on Vimeo.

Assignments are created by your instructor and are reported to the Gradebook. Assignments may have time limits and/or due dates. To access your active assignments, click on the My Assignments link on your Success Center page.



After you click on the My Assignments link, the Class Assignment tab will open. This page displays all the assignments created by your instructor.

Assignment Name

Each assignment will be named.

Start and End Dates

The Assignment Start Date is the date that the instructor made the assignment available. The Assignment End Date is the last available day to complete the assignment.

The assignment cannot be submitted for a score after the End Date (due date).



The Status column indicates whether you have started or completed an assignment.


Your grade will be displayed for each completed assignment.


Time Spent

The Time Spent column will display the total amount of time you have spent on each assignment.



Under the Action column, you can View Results of each completed assignment.

Or open a new assignment by clicking Take Assignment.


Timed Assignments

Your instructor may set a time limit on an assignment. If an assignment is timed, you’ll receive an alert when the assignment is opened.

Assignment Clock

A clock will be displayed at the bottom of the screen for timed assignments.


Out of Time

If an assignment is not completed within the allotted time, an Alert! message will announce that your time to complete the assignment has expired.

Answering Assignment Questions

To submit an answer…

STEP 1 Select the answer

STEP 2 Click Submit to move to the next question.

Assignment Feedback

After you have completed an assignment, click Feedback to see which questions you answered correctly and which you answered incorrectly. Rationales are provided for both correct and incorrect responses.


Discussion Forum

Your instructor may use the Discussion Forum for your class. This can be accessed via the Discussion Forum button at the bottom of your Success Center page.

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