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Student: Joining Your Instructor's Class: Davis Advantage
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After you have redeemed or purchased access, you will be prompted to Join a Class.

Class ID

If you are using Davis Advantage as part of a course, your instructor will provide you with a Class ID. You must enter the Class ID in order to successfully enroll in your instructor’s class and complete the required assignments.

STEP 1       First, click the Join a Class button.

STEP 2       Enter the Class ID into the text box and click Join Class.

We recommend that you do not complete any work until after your instructor has enrolled you in the class.


Confirm Enrollment

After you have entered a valid Class ID, the name of your title will appear on your Classes page.

If your instructor has set up auto-enrollment, click View to access your class immediately. If your enrollment request is awaiting instructor approval, you will see Acceptance Pending.

Unenroll from a Class

You may unenroll from a class by clicking the Unenroll button. Your instructor will be notified of your action.

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